Learn more about Bright Rides with these frequently asked questions

Have a question you don’t see answered below? Please reach out to our team at info@brightrides.org or call or text 720-334-7092.

How do I know if my Adams 14 student is eligible to participate in this program?

Students who live within the boundaries of the following Adams 14 schools are able to participate in Bright Rides:

Alsup Elementary
Central Elementary
Dupont Elementary
Adams City Middle School
Adams City High School

At this time, transportation with Bright Rides is only available if a student is attending the schools listed above or those who live within those school boundaries.

Can students from other Adams 14 schools participate in this program?

We hope every student can find the school that best fits their unique needs, and that they have a way to get there. If your student doesn’t live within the boundaries of the eligible schools, please email info@brightrides.org and we’ll see what other solutions may be available.

Which DPS schools are options to attend through Bright Rides?

Based on the State grant, students are eligible to receive free transportation through Bright Rides to Denver schools that are found to be higher performing.

See the complete list of Denver school options.

Please note that every Adams 14 student will need to participate in the DPS enrollment process, and acceptance into the school is not guaranteed.

How do I enroll in my preferred school in Denver?

Our team can support your family in participating in the DPS enrollment process, also known as SchoolChoice. The enrollment period for Denver schools is 10 a.m. Jan. 13 to 4 p.m. Feb. 14. Call or text us at 720-334-7092 or learn more at https://schoolchoice.dpsk12.org.

What if I need help selecting a new school?

Our team will help walk you through your options and help your student enroll in their new school. Please reach out for support to set up a personalized meeting.

I live in the Adams 14 school district. Is my student allowed to go to a school in another district?

Yes. Colorado is considered a “Choice” state, meaning that families are able to select any school they want to send their child to and to participate in that district’s enrollment process. Families have the option to choose a school other than their neighborhood school if they don’t feel that’s the best fit for their student.

If accepted, how long will transportation be guaranteed for my student?

Bright Rides transportation is guaranteed for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years, with the goal of continuing into the future and throughout your child’s education.

Who is sponsoring this program?

RootED Denver and Transform Education Now are the two education nonprofits sponsoring this program.

Bright Rides has been funded in whole, or in part, with Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (CRSSA 84.425D) and American Rescue Plan Relief Funds (ARP 84.425U) through the US Department of Education.

Are there any costs associated with this program?

No, there is no cost to families to be a part of the Bright Rides program. Please note that a few specialized schools do require fees as part of their curriculum, which families would be made aware of during the enrollment process.

How will my student get to the new school in Denver? 

Bright Rides is utilizing multiple modes of transportation to ensure students have a safe and reliable way to get to school, including through a partnership with HopSkipDrive, a safe, tech-enabled transportation solution specially designed for children ages six and up, to help students with their transportation needs.

HopSkipDrive rides are driven by CareDrivers, each of whom has over five years of caregiving experience and has passed a 15-point certification process. (Check out their Safety page and COVID-Safe Ride Standards page.) One of the best things about HopSkipDrive is that families have real-time visibility into each stage of the ride, so you’ll know where your child is at all times.

How does HopSkipDrive work? 

HopSkipDrive CareDrivers pick up students at their home and takes them to school, and will take them back home at the end of the school day.

The process works like this: The Bright Rides transportation team will schedule a trip for your student rider based on their school schedule and unique needs. The HopSkipDrive platform connects them with a network of highly qualified CareDrivers, and HopSkipDrive guarantees every ride.

Parents or caregivers will receive a text from HopSkipDrive with ride information and a link to download the mobile app to track rides in real time. Can’t download the app? No problem! HopSkipDrive will send status updates to you via text.

HopSkipDrive will let you know — via live text message updates — when the CareDriver is on their way, when they arrive, when they depart, and when they safely reach the destination. Safety measures are in place every step of the way to ensure your student is matched and verified with the correct CareDriver. You can also track the ride in real-time or communicate directly with CareDrivers through the HopSkipDrive app. You can cancel your child’s ride directly in the app.

How will I know my student was picked up and got to school safely?

Through the HopSkipDrive app, parents can request to receive alerts when their student is picked up and/or dropped off at school, so they know their student arrived safely.

Is HopSkipDrive safe?

Safety is the No. 1 priority at HopSkipDrive. As a safe youth transportation solution, HopSkipDrive goes above and beyond with industry-leading safety standards, an in-depth CareDriver certification process and live monitoring of each ride in real time. 

  • CareDrivers — also known as “caregivers on wheels” — must have five years of caregiving experience and pass a 15-point certification process that is among the most stringent in the industry. This includes extensive background checks, strict vehicle requirements and an exceptional driving record.
  • HopSkipDrive uses multi-factor verification to ensure rider safety, and their Safe Ride Support team proactively tracks every ride in real time, ensuring every trip is completed safely and efficiently. 
  • HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are 35% safer than the general driving public. In 2021, 0.000% of HopSkipDrive rides experienced a critical safety incident.

Will the same driver transport my child to school every day?

HopSkipDrive’s platform is designed to offer both flexibility to CareDrivers, as well as safe and reliable transportation for those participating in Bright Rides. Because CareDrivers set their own schedules — and to help ensure riders do not experience cancellations or delays due to a CareDriver’s flat tire, illness, or other life event — HopSkipDrive does not guarantee the same CareDriver for each ride.  

With every ride booked through HopSkipDrive, there is a consistent ride experience (from matching vehicle decals to code words to pick-up procedures) that can be fulfilled by any highly vetted CareDriver. This helps ensure that HopSkipDrive can consistently meet the needs of riders, regardless of potential scheduling conflicts with any one CareDriver. With that in mind, oftentimes CareDrivers will repeatedly select the rides that are familiar to them or that fit best into their daily schedules, creating increased consistency for families.

Are there transportation options for my student with special needs?

Yes. When it comes to transportation to and from school, HopSkipDrive gives students with special needs extra support and consideration.  

What happens if there is a weather delay for my child’s school?

When there is inclement weather, HopSkipDrive will be alerted of any delays determined by the school. HopSkipDrive, Bright Rides and the student’s caregiver will be in communication about any changes in ride details.

What happens if my student needs to be picked up from school early or dropped off late due to an illness, school closure, appointment, etc.?

These time changes can all be accommodated through the program. Parents or caregivers would simply notify Bright Rides about the adjusted pick up or drop off time, and a Bright Rides support person will update the ride details through HopSkipDrive to make sure a CareDriver is there to accommodate the new schedule.

Are siblings able to get rides as well, even if they’re not eligible through Bright Rides?

Siblings of eligible Bright Rides students are able to ride along to the same school campus that’s included in the program. We know each situation is unique, so please work with a Bright Rides representative to talk through your family’s needs.

How do I sign up?

Please reach out to Bright Rides at info@brightrides.org or call or text us at 720-334-7092.